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Features and Benefits of Non-Woven Shopping Bags

Mankind has now finally realised that plastic bags are hazardous to the environment. It has fostered companies to look for environment friendly alternatives for carry bags. Paper bags are widely adopted as alternative to plastic bags; however, there are certain limitations with paper bags that hinder them from being perfect substitute for plastic bags. Paper shopping bags can be recycled only thrice and you need to keep on producing paper bags. The more paper requires more trees being chopped down. It is eventually equally threatening to environment in the long run.

Woven bags are another substitute for plastic bags as they are reusable and recyclable. However, the procedure for making woven bags is much labour intensive. It requires lots of time and labour for producing woven bags. In today’s highly competitive environment, when businesses can not compromise with time, non-wovenshopping bags made up using bonded, recycled plastic fibres have emerged as better substitute for plastic carry bags. These bags have different structure than polythene bags and they are much more difficult to break down.

· Non-woven polypropylene (PP) reusable shopping bagsare made from bonded, recycled plastic fibres are considered by majority of businesses as the best alternative for plastic bags. These bags are known for their durability and lasting quality.

· These bags are much durable than plastic bags and last hundreds of times longer than traditional shopping bags. They can carry heavier loads than plastic bags and are less likely to be damaged, torn, punched broken, unlike plastic bags.

· It is easy to print anything on non-woven shopping bags and hence, brands find it ideal from the point of view of promotion through shopping bags. Marketers often use vivid patterns, colours and expression for advertising their brand through non-woven shopping bags. It is easy to use various printing techniques like silk screen printing and OPP lamination to print a high-quality design and spread your marketing message.Non-woven bags are easily customizable. Whether you need to promote your event or brand, they can be made unique as per your needs.

· Non-woven shopping bags are environment friendly as they are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. Non-woven bag material burns without emitting any toxic contaminant. Also, non-woven bags are made without using any PVC coating or water coating.

There are many great benefits of using laptop case. Many people travel with their devices and stores a lot of sensitive data and work or personal related information with them. Carrying a laptop without some sort of protection and storage for it would not be a thing a laptop owner would look upon. A laptop case helps not only to shield the device from the elements, but it also adds a level of cushion to it.

Here is a list of some vital benefits if owning these designer and fashionable laptop cases.


Cleanliness is very important for smooth functioning of your laptops or computers. Sometimes, dirt or dust gets collected inside the devices and causes issues in its functioning. Here is, where the laptop cases or bags let you protect the laptop from dirt or dust. If you are a business traveler and you have to continuously meet several clients, you can’t be so sure about their workplace conditions. So, it’s advisable to carry a laptop case or bag with you wherever you go. Increase the lifespan of your device with stylish and good quality laptop cases.


This is an online world and laptop cases or sleeves are available in multiple styles and sizes today. No matter if your laptop is big or small sized, laptop cases are always there to protect it and gives it a stylish and fashionable look. Keep in mind the size of your laptop and purchase the perfect case for it by checking the size of the case online or from a store.

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