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When it comes to keeping your workspace organized, file cabinets can provide the much needed storage space for the files and papers that tend to pile up on your desk. File cabinets are made for a wide variety of uses and come in all kinds of sizes. Below we've laid out some of the most common file cabinets and what they're used for.

File Cabinet Types

Some of the most common file cabinets are:

Lateral file cabinets

Vertical file cabinets

Mobile file cabinets

Flat file storage cabinets

Side tab filing systems

Card file storage

Below we've listed the different types of file drawers to help you make the selection that's best for you:

Lateral File Cabinets

Lateral file cabinets, commonly referred to as horizontal under desk file cabinets, provide a wide enough filing system that accommodate both letter and legal sized paperwork. If you're looking for something that holds both types of papers, then this is a great file cabinet option. Lateral files come in a wide variety of styles and colors and you can find them in wood, laminate, veneer and metal.Mobile File Cabinets

Mobile file cabinets work great as under desk filing cabinets and can serve as portable file systems because of the convenient casters that allow you to easily transport from room to room.

Flat File Storage Cabinets

Flat file storage cabinets work as a perfect solution for those who have large documents like blueprints, artwork, drawings, or maps that need a place to be stored.

Side Tab Filing Systems

Side tab filing systems work as a great solution for medical facilities due to their sturdy construction and ability to house a large amount of documents. Side tab files come in a variety of styles, with or without a door.

Card File Storage

Card file storage cabinets work as a reliable filing solution for libraries and institutions that need a place to house index cards. These cabinets were built specifically for card catalogs and come in a variety of sizes.

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